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Founded in 1968, Costam hs been a pioneer in high-precision mechanical engineering for over 50  years. With a constant commitment to quality, substantial investments in skilled personnel and specialized equipment have positioned the company as a European leader. Operating in highly competitive sectors such as automotive, textile-mechanical, appliances, electronics, printing plants, pneumatic and hydraulic, and agriculture, Costam has earned recognition and trust from international clients in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and France.

Key Competencies of Costam Hi-Tech srl:

  • Precision mechanical part manufacturing with palletized horizontal and vertical CNC machining centers.

  • Consultation and feasibility analysis for specific projects, including project study and technical support for the client.

  • Production of equipment dedicated to series production.

The company's strength lies in its ability to meet market needs, managing both small/medium batches and series production according to customer designs. The primary materials processed include aluminum, cast iron, special steels, and heat-treated steels.

Costam Hi-Tech srl has also played a role in establishing the "Seed Group," a business network uniting local companies with the goal of combining cross-functional and complementary expertise. The network supports the entire process, from product development to final assembly, offering a single point of contact and providing significant competitive advantages through extensive know-how.

Recently, the company joined a new working group called the "Alliance for the Art of Assembly," collaborating with other prominent local entities. The aim is to address emerging challenges following the pandemic situation, pooling resources to develop new ideas through diverse expertise.

The recent acquisition of a new production facility with more extensive spaces enables better customer service and more efficient organization of production activities. A focus on competitiveness led the company to invest in a new 5-axis machining center integrated with a robotic island for component loading and unloading, along with other automated and interconnected machinery in line with Industry 4.0 principles.

In pursuit of a strategy of continuous improvement and excellence in performance, our objectives include:

  • Research and pursuit of customer satisfaction to maintain a relationship of trust and mutual collaboration over time.

  • Growth through the optimization of company processes, continuously monitored and measured.

  • Continuous improvement of the organization through the constant training of resources.

  • Compliance with contractual requirements and legal provisions, national and international regulations.

  • Ensuring that all business activities are conducted in accordance with principles of fair competition, honesty, integrity, correctness, and good faith.

  • Continuous improvement of the quality management system.

  • Protection of the health and safety of workers in the workplace.

These objectives guide leadership in the daily management of activities, in line with the company's context and strategic directions. The management is committed to disseminating and understanding the Quality Policy through bulletin board displays, introduction during hiring, and training and information meetings.

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