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SINCE 1968

Collaboration, innovation and competence are our values that guarantee our main goal: the result.

Thus, in 2013, driven by the continuous search for productive synergies, COSTAM – together with other well-known companies in Pordenone - established the Seed Group business network, synonymous with excellence and integration of skills in mechanical subcontracting.

Who we are

COSTAM complements the machining of standard materials with that of special materials and, in the subcontracting of complex mechanical components, offers its competitive edge, namely the integration of diverse expertise:

• Sheet metal stamping with mechanical presses from 15 to 500 tons.

• Precision mechanical machining – milling – with horizontal and vertical machining centers. • Design and construction of molds for cutting, bending, and deep drawing operations with progressive and follow-on dies.

• Assembly of mechanical components.

• Support for customers in design (co-design) to meet functional, dimensional, and aesthetic requirements while optimizing materials, geometries, and treatments in an efficient production process.

• Surface finishes and treatments, thanks to solid partnerships with leading companies in the sector.





Sergio Querinuzzi founds COSTAM (MOLD CONSTRUCTION)
with the support of his wife Ivana and daughter Renata.

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COSTAM participated in previous years for the first time in the international trade fair in Frankfurt and begins to have a customer portfolio abroad. In those years, Fabio, the founder's son, joined the company to support the technical area. UNI EN ISO 9001 certification also arrived in 1997.


The mechanical processing department acquires its own
identity and COSTAM Hi-Tech s.r.l. was established.


COSTAM Hi-Tech is one of the founding partners of the Seed Group business network and moves to a new factory


COSTAM celebrates its first 50 years of activity

The COSTAM method

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Get to Know Us

A company that places sustainability and safety at the core of its philosophy. We proudly boast a recognized quality certification and are actively committed to using renewable energy, reaffirming our dedication to a greener and safer future.

ISO 9001 - 2015

The precision mechanical machining department with CNC machining centers has obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification, a prestigious international recognition that attests to the excellence and reliability of our quality management system.

This standard ensures that all our processes are geared towards continuous improvement, operational efficiency and maximum customer satisfaction, reflecting our commitment to excellence in every aspect of the company's business.

Environmental sustainability

Costam is committed to the environment with processes that use eco-sustainable materials and a high rate of waste recycling.


Currently, the company operates two 147 kW photovoltaic systems that generate 25% of the energy for production. In addition, it is building two other 400 kW systems to achieve CO2 neutrality, in line with the high safety standards adopted.

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